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David Francis Barnes

David Francis Barnes worked in robotics and the early personal computer industry, after first studying mathematics and then electrical sciences at Cambridge University. Later, on selling his half of an automation business, he pursued his lifelong interest in true artificial intelligence and the extraordinary capabilities of the human mind. The achievement that emerged from his lengthy, rigorous, but eclectic studies was a holistic theory of mind. Consistent with the findings of modern neuroscience, this theory deals with general intelligence at large in the world, whether human, animal, machine or alien. The theory has far-reaching significance for many branches of science, and philosophy too. David can be contacted at feedback@defactopress.com

About defacto PRESS

We are a specialist publisher using modern methods to efficiently publish and market books. Our books are available through major online suppliers and also by order through bookstores (in addition, volume orders can be fulfilled directly). It is our policy to only work with printed books—to paraphrase Mark Twain “This report of the physical book’s death was an exaggeration.”

Our catalogue is small and select, and likely to remain so. Our aim is to deliver titles that are either commanding in their field--or deserving of a field in which to command. We are committed to a high level both of service and of professionalism. Administrative enquiries can be made to admin@defactopress.com.